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Welcome to your class forum!  Here you will complete assignments that require you to participate in an online discussion.  To gain credit for your posts or replies to Discussion Questions in the Forum complete the following steps:


  1. Log on to the
  2. Click "Classroom"
  3. Click "Discussion"
  4. Go to the appropriate forum.
  5. Read the prompt.
  6. Read any other materials, textbook, article as directed.
  7. Write your response.
  8. Respond to one other student.
  9. Ensure all posts are "SUBSTANTIVE".  See below.

In order to receive credit for participation in the Forum you must post a "SUBSTANTIVE" response.  To be considered "SUBSTANTIVE" your post must be focused on the discussion topic and readings.  Posts must move the discussion forward by adding new information or insights, asking questions that classmates may not have considered and clarify, analyze, or evaluate new information related to the topic.  One to two sentence posts or replies typically do not constitute "SUBSTANTIVE" thus may not receive credit.


"SUBSTANTIVE" post example: 

  • Acknowledgement/agreement/constructive disagreement of Discussion Question / Student Post.
  • Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation and your ideas as related to the question, post, issue, readings as related to the topic.
  • Further questions for group, individuals, regarding topic. 

You may consider the "A, B, C's" of online discussion:

  • A = ACKNOWLEDGE something specific in the author's post.
  • B = BUILD on what the author said by adding new ideas, controversy, anecdotes, etc...
  • C = CLOSE  with a question.  Can you think of a question that can further stimulate discsussion in from the group.

What challenges do you think you might have earning credit for online Discussion and Participation? 

**REMEMBER that spelling and grammar always count.


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