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Wordpress blog and website tutorials 

Poynter: News University - Wordpress for beginners 

Learn Wordpress (2) - Overview of Admin Panel

Learn Wordpress (4)  - Pages and Widgets

Learn Wordpress (5) - Adding Content with Posts

Learn Wordpress (6) How to add media in posts

Learn Wordpress - NextGen Gallery of Photos - Review 

Learn Wordpress - How to create a NextGen Gallery 

Learn Wordpress - NextGen Gallery  

Learn Wordpress - Creating Video Galleries 

Adobe InDesign CS2 Tutorials

Basics of InDesign 1 Creating a working copy 

Basics of InDesign 2 Zooming and Changing Views

Basics of InDesign 3 Navigating a Document 

Basics of InDesign 4 Formatting a Document

Basics of InDesign 5 Formatting Paragraphs

Basics of InDesign 6 Dropcaps

Basics of InDesign 1 - Newspaper

Basics of InDesign 2 - exploring a workflow   

InDesign Textwrap & Picture Boxes 

How to wrap text around a graphic

Remove a picture background in 5 seconds 



photography tutorial for beginners - aperture, shutter speed, ISO 

A Simple Approach to Great Captions (video lesson)


Canon EOS Digital Rebel Review 


Nikon D40 SLR Review 


Poynter News University

First Amendment for the High School Journalist 

Introduction to Ethical Decision-Making 

News Sense:  The Building Blocks of News 

The Interview

The Lead Lab 

Cleaning Your Copy:  Grammar, Style and More 

Lousy Listeners:  How to Avoid  Being One 

Introduction to Reporting: Beat Basics 

On the Beat: Covering Education 

Lessons from the Contests: Still Photography and Websites 

The Be a Reporter Game 

The Be an Editor Game 

The Writer's Workbench:  50 Tools You Can Use 


AP Style Quizzes  

AP Style Guide

AP Style Online QUIZ 1 

Gerald Grow's Newsroom 101 

Edit Teach online tools & QUIZZES 


Articles - required critiques / "write-likes" 

Reading Article 1 - Feature - Hearst Journalism Award

Reading Article 2 - Feature - Pulitzer Prize  "Fatal Distraction" 

Reading Article 3 - Feature - Pulitzer Prize "Enrique's Journey Chapter 1"

Reading Article 4 - Editorial writing - Pulitzer Prize "Bleak House"

Reading Article 5 - Editorial Writing - 'Shush' is not open government

Reading Article 6 - Opinion - Hearst Journalism Award 

Reading Article 7 - Pulitzer - News reporting - (news writing, WED, photo) 

Reading Article 8 - Hearst Award - News writing 

Reading Article 9 - Hearst award - Sports Writing 

Reading Article 10 - Hearst award - Sports Writing 

Important Forms and Documents (printable and links)

Google Docs Article Sharing 

Dropbox directions 

Portfolio ASSIGNMENTS Menu (POINTS Cover Sheet)


Article Cover Sheet

Article Rubric

Peer Evaluation

Editor's Marks H/O

Podcast Rubric

Video Rubric


Student Press Law Activity: Morse, et. al. v. Frederick

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